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Highlights from USAID’s Quarterly Business Forecast and Partner Update Webinar

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Jun 7, 2022

The USAID Business Forecast provides information about potential funding and partnership opportunities at USAID and offers partners the opportunity to engage with us early in the procurement process. The Business Forecast includes anticipated activities that are still in the planning phase, so the information in it may change over time. 

The Agency hosts a quarterly Business Forecast and Partner Update webinar to allow partners the opportunity to ask questions about current items on the Forecast, as well as hear about Agency priorities from senior leaders across USAID. 

During today’s webinar, we provided a number of updates about things happening at USAID. Priority topics included:

  • An update on SAM.gov Unique Entity ID (UEI) Delays;
  • Information about the A&A Strategy refresh;
  • Contracting/Agreement Officer A&A staffing;
  • An overview of WorkwithUSAID.org; 
  • Highlights on USAID's Gender Commitments;
  • Small Business goal achievements;
  • Updates about Localization;
  • An announcement about the upcoming new draft Policy Framework
  • Updates to Section 889 Guidance.

To access the recording, transcript, and questions and answers from this quarter's engagements, visit our Business Forecast webpage

To stay up to date on all of the latest USAID information, connect with us on our Work with USAID Twitter account and our Work with USAID LinkedIn group, and sign up for our Work with USAID email distribution list

If you have any questions, please email BusinessForecast@usaid.gov.

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