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The Value of Empathetic Leadership
Development work can be emotionally and psychologically challenging, and, as a result, staff can struggle with mental health challenges stemming from their work. Staff of small and local organizations with nonexistent or limited formal resources for addressing this problem are particularly at risk. Leaders can create a culture that supports staff and helps them thrive through a technique known as empathetic leadership.
Feb 24, 2022
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Three Keys When Responding to USAID Solicitations
A primary goal of USAID's New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) is to capitalize on good ideas, and the NPI team is working to make it easier for partners to present them to the Agency and apply for funding. In order to streamline the process, under NPI awards, applicants submit a three- to five-page “concept note” detailing the scope of the proposed concept and responding to questions in the solicitation. USAID uses these responses and the evaluation criteria outlined in solicitations in the selection process.
Oct 28, 2021
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Moving Past the Fear of Failure
A friend of Thomas Edison was visiting the famous inventor, who had been working for months on inventing an alkaline storage battery. At that point, Edison had tried more than 9,000 experiments, all unsuccessful. When the friend expressed sympathy at the lack of results, Edison smiled and said, “Results! Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! I know several thousand things that won’t work!"
Oct 26, 2021