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Localization & Inclusive Development
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Four Ways That Diaspora Businesses Are Advancing Locally-Led Development
The United States is home to more global diaspora members than any other country in the world. A diaspora is a community of people who live outside a shared country of origin, ancestry, or affinity, and maintain active connections with it. In fact, more than 62 million Americans, or one-fifth of U.S. residents, are first- or second-generation diaspora members. With roots around the world, these communities are key players in driving sustainable development progress.
Jul 25, 2022
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Partnering with the Private Sector for Greater Development Impact, Scale, and Sustainability
Today, the world faces an enormous annual gap of $2.5 trillion to finance global development goals and this gap cannot be made up by foreign assistance alone. In fact, an estimated 90 percent of global financial flows to emerging economies come from private, not public, investment. To achieve a greater development impact, it will be essential to engage and collaborate with the private sector to drive sustainable growth, create jobs, and advance opportunities that improve lives and build resilience worldwide. 
Nov 10, 2021